What has been human since its presence on this simple question about his fate, and tries to penetrate withhold future list in front of him, and questioning this is a manifestation of its advantage reconnaissance to him of things and events and what lies behind the factors and reasons, that advantage gained during dawn DO prolonged, which would otherwise shade residents in the lap of nature, incapable of progress and prosperity, but we Ankti if we say that the type of Tsaalath whether her face the public or being linked to the future of the environment, which is a part of it in particular, is a testament to the progress made, and the gained of humanity. 

And the environment in accordance with the definition of the International Environment "is the place where live humans and other organisms derive them galvanized and performing the activity," which confirms the authorization should look for a complementary environment in all its aspects. 

And destruction of the environment and breach of balance has become the day of the main challenges that surround humanity today, it must be for a person to benefit from the ability of science to restore this balance through a strategy aimed to preserve the environment, because science is the greatest capacity owned by modern man, that works with science system The style and production in order to diagnose the reality of his environment and making their future through understanding of Johrien two starting points: 

The concept of the environment and the concept of preserving the environment: 

We have succeeded, "the issue of the environment" that imposes itself strongly and salt since the early seventies, so when he appeared the so-called environmental movement Environment Movement, and developed ideas and thoughts in this direction so that some went talking about the environmental crisis can fluctuate social and economic conditions prevailing, and rearranges countries. It really attracts attention is that despite the fact that "environmental movement" did not start in an orderly fashion, but since the early seventies, what has been done so far of progress in this area is worthwhile and appreciated, at least in the field of drawing attention to the seriousness of the problem. 

Also, a lot of the votes of thinkers and scientists have risen alarmingly next, as it is not true that the alarm bells did not knock, but too late, there are bells early distinct resonance did not reach the ears of the human intellect, because these business acumen was involved in an inebriated elation industrial wealth. At the beginning of the last century shined numerous references says that if we Okhallna balance of the environment, the consequences can not be predicted but it is certainly the tent, not the lives of human beings alone, but on the other aspects of life. 

There were many environmental disasters resulting from the short-sightedness of human beings and their attachment to the urgent at the expense of the loss of the savings of the future and everyone is responsible and the consequences of cross-border and continents, and will not inclusive and that seemed so far away in a while, has resulted in irrational use of natural resources, whether because of poverty or because of a desire to get rich excessive to increase the depletion and pollution of these resources and thus ecological imbalance to the elements of nature, a balance and understanding .... It is the duty after the duty of respect. 

The quest for domination and exploitation and research in development without conditions .. All this resulted in this troubled world, which was estimated to us that we live today, at the time did not realize the man the exact nature of the relationship between him and the environment, that relationship which is based on the integration and synergy and interaction, where it was seen to environmental components as units isolated non-interconnected real. And then did not understand the mutual impact between man and his environment and began the views and theories that provide different forms of development built on the basis of this outlook and what these theories failed to take the world through the same review rational understanding of the relationship between man and his environment. Hence, the idea of ​​continuous development or sustainable. The essence of sustainable development is to maintain the environmental and natural resources, and that the rates of consumption within the limits of natural growth, without polluting or extravagance or wastage, working to provide the needs of the present and future requirements, and not be a development of the sector at the expense of another sector 

Have realized the first generation of the pioneers of the environment in Egypt early this fact, and worked for it, and by more than twenty years from now on the establishment of the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research - Ain Shams University, the institute, which shows how to recognize Ain Shams University to the importance of environmental studies and the first institution of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. 

Given the need study environmental issues of the provision of environmental studies between different scientific disciplines and melting the boundaries between these disciplines have contained Institute on the seven scientific departments reflect the thought systemic and environmental vision of integrated, a Department of Humanities, Department of Education, flags, environmental and science department economic, legal and environmental management, The Department of Basic Sciences, and the Department of Medical Sciences, and the Department of Engineering Sciences and the Department of Agricultural Sciences. 

The Institute in the performance of his scientific involving faculty members from different colleges from Ain Shams University and some other universities and research centers, so the Institute is an example of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and specialized in the field of environmental studies. 

The Institute is always trying to devote efforts with the aim of improvement and development in line with the scientific developments in the field of environmental studies and research and then issued the Ministerial Decree amending the bylaws of the Institute on 10/10/2006. 

  We hope to contribute to this list in preparation for the generation of good specialists and two searches in the environmental sciences to offer their services and expertise in the service of our beloved Egypt. 



God Crown success ....