Information Technology Unit (IT Unit)

E-mail: mis@iesr.asu.edu.eg

The Information Technology Unit was established in the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research since1/12/2009 to monitor and disseminate the new concepts in the field of information technology, as well as monitoring the implementation of the Ministry of Higher Education projects in the institute.

Objectives of the IT Unit:

1- The IT Unit plans and develops practical mechanism of information technology to manage all issues related to all sections and departments.

2- The organization and implementation of seminars and training courses in the field of information technology in various levels of education.

3- The IT Unit Provides technical advice in the field of environmental studies for educational and training institutions, as well as the development of education methods and finding solution for different problems

4- Contributes in the preparation of human resources who are able to carry out the required jobs with high efficiency, and use of teaching aids and information technology.

IT Unit achievements:

1- The Design of the institutes' website, as well as development and continuous updating

2- Providing of internet service for teaching staff members, labs, and the library

3- Mechanization of electronic data for students, scholars, and control; this is through:

·         Providing the information system that can help in managing control works

·         Providing the information system that can help in teaching staff members and assistants

·         Providing the information system that can help in management of graduate studies and cultural relations

·         Provides information system that can help in management of employee's affairs

Responsible for the IT Unit:

Head of IT Unit

Prof. Noha Samir Donia

Professor of hydraulics, and

Head of Engineering Science Department in the Institute

System Director of IT Unit

Eng. Seham Mohammed Ahmed

Computer Engineer

Responsible for the official web site and institute news

Mr. Mohammed Kamal Abed


Supervisor of MIS System

Mr. Ibraheim Saad Hassan


Responsible for data entry for Diploma, Master, Doctorate students

Mr. Amro Atef Zeinhom


Responsible for data entry for institute employees (temporary , crowns)

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed El-Kady