Environmental sector organizes the Egyptian Women's Day Celebration

Community service and environmental development at Ain Shams University Celebration organizes the Egyptian women’s Day, under the auspices of Prof. Ahmed Radi, Minister of Health, and Prof. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and acting university president, and headed by Prof. Dr. Roqaya Hussein Shalaby, Dean of the Faculty of girls. The presence of the celebration are Dr. Heba Shahin, head of the media department and director of the Media Center, Mr.  Salah Abdel Azim, general secretary of the University and a number of manager of departments and university centers, organized and prepared by Prof. D. Mecca El-Banna, agent of Faculty of Girls and under the supervision of Mr.  Samir Abdel Nasser University Assistant Secretary at faculty of Girls Theater.

The event started to provide a number of artistic shows and Performance of the students of the Faculty of girls. For his part, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Radi, said this ceremony is the least of the role offered by Egyptian women throughout the ages and in all areas of the house to the higher positions.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat stressed that the Egyptian Women's Day should be in all days because it is a great role in society and can not be confined to just one day. Ambassador Moshera Khattab expressed her happiness in this festive to emphasize the role made by and still offer by Egyptian women throughout history, and the participation of women in the modern era was a prominent and influential and that the Egyptian woman is Egypt's soft power of cultural, political and social, pointing out that there are still a lot of privileges that woman deserve.

Poet Iman Bakri recited a number of poems in praise of Egypt's and women. A number of prominent female characters were honored, including Ambassador Khattab, former Minister of State for Family and Population, Dr. Doria Sharaf al-Din, former Minister of Media, Dr. Aml Al Sabban ,secretary-general of the Supreme Council for Culture, and Dr. Ibrahim Jihad member of parliament and poet Iman Bakri in recognition of their role.