Ain Shams University inaugurated the work of Archiving and graduate system within Shams system

Information Network Director Dr. Mohammed Al-Alimy announced today the opening of the two new systems within Shams system, which is managed and supervised by the network. This came in a workshop to announce the new Archive system and graduate system induced within the Shams system.

Secretary General of the University of Ain Shams Mr. Salah Abdel Azim, the Assistant Secretary attended workshop for Education and Students Affairs Mr.Mohamed El-Deeb, and Prof. Dr. Jamal Mohammed Ali, chairman of the university adviser for IT and director of Information Technology Projects. In addition, a large number of faculty staff from several departments of the University attended the workshop, which was held at the Conference Hall at the Faculty of Arts.

Al Alimy added that this system has been generalized to all major departments at the university, explaining that he had been training for 40 employees from different departments of the university during the 160 hours of training to be able to deal with the system and benefit from it.

For his part, Dr. Jamal Mohammad Ali demand departmental directors and staff of the need to use these systems to be provided by the time, effort and costs, as well as keep up with the developments of science and technology.