A seminar at the Faculty of Girls titled Come to a word that is equitable between us

Faculty of Girls hosted Sheikh Ashraf Al-Fil in a seminar entitled "Come to a word that is equitable to us" under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Rokaya Shalabi Dean of the faculty of Girls as part of the cultural season of the faculty.

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development at the faculty open the seminar by introducing Sheikh Dr. Ashraf Al-Fil, who holds a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Arabic Language, the General Department of Al-Azhar University, followed by a BA in Da'wah College and a Master in Non-traditional Shari'a Law, and a PhD in Intolerance: Causes and Treatment in the Age of the Caliphs and Acquired  a license in Holly Qur'an according to Hafs bin Asem's  recitation.

Sheikh Dr. Ashraf Al-Fil opened the symposium by clarifying the verse "Come to a word that is equitable to us" where he addressed the Holy Quran and all the heavenly religions with respect and appreciation. He called on them to agree on one word, worshiping "Allah." He also referred to the summit of respect and progress in their appeal to the people of the Book, A holy book and a law of God Almighty, stressing that the laws of heaven all agree in many acts of worship, such as fasting and prayer, charity and pilgrimage.

Sheikh Dr. Ashraf Al-Fil explained five important things that all religions recognize as preserving: preserving the spirit, keeping the mind and the body, and preserving religion. Keeping them fit is the condition of all people and the nation's progress.

He ended his speech asking the students to follow the style of the Koran and the Sunnah in dialogue and dialogue with all people with respect, whether we are agree or different because the difference is a universal Sunnnah. At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy honored Sheikh Dr. Ashraf El - Fil.